5 Top tips with eyelash extensions

Qualified eyelash technician:

  1. There are lots of horror stories regarding eyelash extensions, and some of them unfortunately are true. These include allergic reactions to glues, and loss or damage to natural lashes. However you can avoid damaging your own lashes when you follow these 5 top tips. Knowing where to get the best eyelash extensions isn’t easy. First and foremost ensure the eyelash technician holds a reputable qualification. You are well within your rights to ask to see a certificate. Ask the technician if they were trained to do case studies before they were let loose on the public. Some training courses are all about money rather than quality and provide a certificate after just 1 days training with no practise or case studies to perfect the treatment. Looking at reviews are another way to check out your technician.

Patch testing

2. This may be slightly inconvenient however it could save you a lot of stress and suffering. Having an allergic reaction can happen to anyone at anytime in their lives, even if you have used a product many times. The eyes can become itchy, red and swollen for some time if a reaction occurs. An eyelash patch test should be carried out on the outer 2 eyelashes of each eye by placing lash extensions on with glue. No glue should be placed on the skin at any time.


3. When eyelash extensions are being applied the technician should first ensure that the lashes are clean. Cleaning should be done during most top up treatments to avoid a build up of bacteria which can lead to eye infections. Some technicians will also sell eyelash cleansers and brushes for you to use at home.

Lash isolation

4. Isolating each lash when carrying out eyelash extensions is vital during the treatment. this is so that every lash extension can be placed solely on 1 natural lash so that they do not become stuck together with glue. If the natural lashe are glued together it can pull at their roots causing lash loss and ultimately gaps in the natural lashes.

this is how the natural lashes should be isolated to prevent lashes getting stuck together and pulled out.
Isolating natural eyelashes during a treatment to avoid them becoming stuck together causing lash loss.


5. Following the correct aftercare will help to extend the life of your lash extensions whilst also protecting your own. Gently use the provided eyelash wand to comb and keep them from becoming tangled everyday. Do not get them wet during the first 2 days as this can dissolve the glue bonds and result in them coming out. Do not use any products that contain oils around the eyes moving, forward as this also dissolves glue bonds. DO NOT pick or pull at the lashes as this will result in pulling your own out. If there is a lash that is hanging off or irritating you call your technician to have it removed safely. Use eyelash cleanser at home every couple of days to prevent the build up of makeup and bacteria. Do not use eyelash curlers on your extensions.

Key points to remember when having eyelash extensions:

  • Cheap and quick isn’t always best for your own lashes
  • Classic individual and volume lashes should take between 1-2 hours
  • Ensure your own lashes are being isolated during the treatment
  • Cleaning at home or during regular treatments is vital to avoid bacteria build up.
  • Do not go for long term heavy lashes without a break
  • Opting for an appropriate length and weight means less stress for your own lashes.


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