Are eyelash extensions safe?

There are lots of horror stories regarding eyelash extensions, and some of them unfortunately true. However if your lash technician has been properly trained and qualified the treatment should be carried out correctly. Some of the stories include lash extensions being stuck to the skin on the eyelids, or too many heavy lashes being applied that can put a strain on the natural lash. Others report of itchy or infected eyes and have understandably been put off by this. Therefore i would like to set the record straight.

When eyelash extensions are being applied the technician should first of all ensure that the natural lashes or eyelash extensions are clean. Cleaning should be done during most top up treatments to avoid a build up of bacteria. During the treatment process the natural lashes should each be isolated to allow an eyelash extension to be dropped on top of it. The natural lashes should not be stuck together during treatment. This this can pull at the roots resulting in loss of lashes. Equally lashes that are too heavy for the natural lash can also weaken the natural lash resulting in lash loss.

this is how the natural lashes should be isolated to prevent lashes getting stuck together and pulled out.
This is how eyelash isolation should be done to avoid losing lashes.

Key points to remember when having eyelash extensions:

  • Cheap and quick isn’t always best for your own lashes
  • classic individual and volume lashes should take between 1-2 hours
  • ensure your own lashes are being isolated during the treatment
  • Cleaning at home or during regular treatments is vital to avoid bacteria build up.
  • do not go for long term heavy lashes without a break
  • opting for an appropriate length and weight means less stress for your own lashes.