Dermalogica Pro Peels.

This fast acting peel collection offers a unique system of three different acids. As a result deep exfoliation of the skin occurs leaving it feeling luminous, fresh and brand new. Most importantly there is a peel for all skin types ranging from either sensitive, to ageing and problematic. Subsequently it targets the following:

  • fine lines
  • dehydration
  • hyperpigmentation
  • uneven skin tone
  • inflammation
  • breakouts
  • oily and congested
  • acne

Pro Peel 60 minutes-  a relaxing skin treatment thats customised to suit your skin type and includes touch therapy massage of the neck/shoulders and scalp and hot towels.                                                                                                    £90.00 

A recommended course of 5  treatments (£50 discount)     £400                                                                                

Pro Peel 30 minutes-      £60

A recommended course of 5 treatments (incl £40 discount) £240                                                                                              

Dermalogica Skin Treatments:

All skin treatments are customised to suit the individual.

* luxury skin treatment -includes a scalp, neck, shoulder, hand & foot massage        75 Minutes   £65.00

* Regular skin treatment- including head, neck & shoulder massage                           45 Minutes   £45.00

*Microzone Dermalogica Treatment- skin focussed only                                            20 minutes   £25.00

Dermalogica products are available to order. If 3 or more products are purchased a 15% discount will be gifted. 

Please call to enquire.  07581 146870